Kent Berghuis

Affiliate in Theology

Kent Berghuis

Ph.D. Trinity International University
Th.M.: Dallas Theological Seminary
B.A.: Faith Baptist Bible College

"I feel called to ministry in both the academic and church settings. This sense of dual calling has fit well at Palmer, since most of our students are eager to learn for the sake of ministry. They bring a maturity and life experience to the task of study, and our dialogue deepens quickly because of it. I find my teaching actually refreshing my soul for the sake of my church ministry, and I find my church ministry informing what gets communicated in the classroom.”

For most of his adult life, Dr. Berghuis has kept one foot in academia and the other in the church. Currently he serves as Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church of Lansdale, PA. He has spent more than 16 years in pastoral ministry and 15 years teaching at a variety of higher ed institutions. (Because the two overlap, Kent is not as old as his experience might make him sound!)

Academically, Kent has pursued the life of the mind along the lines of St. Augustine’s approach of “faith seeking understanding.” He was drawn to study Scripture as a child, having been reared in a devoutly Baptist farm family in Iowa. What he loves about theology is the chance to make connections—how the Scriptures connect together, how God’s word and ways connect to our world, and how Christians connect with each other and with the world around us.

Kent’s doctoral dissertation has been published under the title Christian Fasting: A Theological Approach, which can be read in print or online at Among his scholarly loves is history, including early church giants such as Augustine and Basil. He’s also come to love missions and serving the Lord. In fact Kent has visited, taught, or served in 49 states and numerous foreign countries, including Israel, Kazakhstan, Nepal, and Malaysia. The church he now serves has a significant ministry to Karen refugees from Burma. The church also founded Elm Terrace Gardens, a continuing care retirement community on whose board of directors Kent serves.

Kent has served in various capacities with the American Baptist Churches denomination, including the Emerging Theologians Task Force, the ABC-USA Pastors Colloquium, and the Commission for Doctrine and Christian Unity of the Baptist World Alliance.