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Mission Statement

Palmer Theological Seminary's motto:
"The Whole Gospel for the Whole World through Whole Persons."

The Whole Gospel

Palmer Theological Seminary's Theological position affirms the Bible as uniquely inspired and the authoritative revelation of God's nature and purposes for humanity. Commitment to that revelation, fully expressed in Jesus Christ, calls for the preparation of persons for ministry who are faithful to all parts and implications of the Gospel. A curriculum faithful to the whole gospel prepares persons who:

  • have a thorough knowledge of the content of the Bible
  • are able to interpret and communicate the message of the Bible in a way that is faithful
  • are committed to both the individual and social dimensions of the Biblical message
  • affirm the Gospel's proclamation of the forgiveness of sin, the reconciliation of human beings to God and each other, and the gift of eternal life, through Jesus Christ.

For The Whole World

Palmer Theological Seminary is committed to the preparation of persons for Christ's ministry in the Church throughout the world in a variety of forms and institutions, with strong emphasis on ministry in and through local churches, in both the American Baptist and other denominations. Recognizing that the Gospel expresses God's love for the whole world, Palmer Theological Seminary seeks to prepare persons who:

  • are able to lead individuals to faith in Jesus Christ
  • have a passion for a ministry concerned with the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs of people
  • are articulate and empowered expounders of Biblical truth in relation to all areas of human life
  • are skilled in assisting God's people toward a loving, serving and transforming presence in the world
  • are sensitive to the various cultural situations in which people live, and are able to relate the Gospel's saving and freeing power to the needs of persons and institutions in those settings
  • are equipped to lead the Church--through preaching and teaching, caring and counseling, evangelizing and serving--in dynamic growth and mission.

Through Whole Persons

Palmer Theological Seminary seeks to equip persons for Christian ministry who view that ministry as divine vocation, know themselves to be called by God, and are committed to grow toward wholeness in their relationship with God, self, others, and their world. Palmer Theological Seminary is committed to assist persons toward:

  • an awareness of their own brokenness and dependence upon God
  • the development of a spirit of openness toward others in the global body of Christ, beginning with an appreciation of that body's expression in Palmer Theological Seminary's diverse Christian community
  • a disciplined devotional life, bearing fruit in a vital, growing, contagious faith
  • regular participation in worship and fellowship which supports faith, expands vision, furthers intimacy in relation with God and others, and increases awareness of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.