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Diane G. Chen

Professor of New Testament

Ph.D. (Theology): Fuller Theological Seminary
M.A. (Biblical Studies and Theology): Fuller Theological Seminary
M.S. (Civil Engineering): Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.S. (Civil Engineering): University of California, Berkeley

"Since many of my students are themselves teachers and preachers of the Word, I emphasize that sound exegesis is foundational to relevant and creative hermeneutics. I find it exciting to see the New Testament come alive for my students as they attend to the historical and literary contexts of these ancient writings. They may find that the book of Revelation is not as inaccessible as they thought, or that the Pharasaic movement cannot be categorically written off as legalistic and hypocritical. These and many more discoveries await them."

Dr. Diane Chen enjoys especially writing for the church. After publishing her dissertation, God as Father in Luke-Acts (Peter Lang, 2006), she has turned her attention to making biblical scholarship intellectually accessible and spiritually edifying to the laity. Her most recent book, Let Me More of Their Beauty See: Reading Familiar Verses in Context (Smyth & Helwys, 2011), encourages readers to revisit what they have always thought to be the meaning of some familiar and cherished New Testament passages. She has also written many exegetical essays and commentary entries on lectionary readings, and is a frequent contributor to the meditation column of Palmer’s inMinistry magazine.  Her current writing projects include a short commentary on the Gospel of Luke and a series of essays on the enigmatic sayings of Jesus.

Diane loves the classroom. She has participated in many workshops and consultations sponsored by the Association of Theological Schools, the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion, and the Fund for Theological Education, including “The Changing  Character of Faculty Work,” “Women in Leadership: Exploring Their Future in Theological Education,” “Asian/Asian North Americans in Theological Education,” “Teaching and Learning for Pre-Tenure Asian/Asian North American Faculty," "Strengths and Strategies: A Consultation on Student and Faculty Diversity in Theological Education," "Teaching the Bible in Racially and Culturally Diverse Classrooms,” and "Faculty Development in the Midst of Institutional and Vocational Change."

She is an ordained elder of Narberth Presbyterian Church, and a member of the Society of Biblical Literature and the Ethnic Chinese Biblical Colloquium.