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Curriculum Design Overview

Doctor of Ministry in Contextual Leadership

• All students attend a three-day orientation session in June.
• They attend four (4) two-week intensive seminars held in January and June, followed by independent work on professional papers.

Year One

DM900: Graduate Level Writing (1 unit)

DM911: Personal Transformation (2 units)
DM912: Models of and Leadership in Renewal
(2 units)
DM919: Leadership Integrative Paper (2 units)

Year Two

DM921: Systems Transforming Leadership for a Mission-Oriented Church (2 units)
DM923: Missional Renewal in the Age of Globalization (2 units)
DM929: Missional Integrative Paper  (2 units)

DM931: Contexts, Perspectives and Ministry in the 21st Century
2 units)
DM933: Ministry Project Thesis Workshop and Church Resources (2 units)
DM938: Ministry Project Thesis (2 units)

Year Three

DM941: Community Transformation (2 units)
DM943: Congregational Transformation (2 units)
DM949A: Ministry Project Thesis - First Draft (2 units)

DM949B: Ministry Project Thesis (Final) and Oral Assessment (2 units)

DM950: Final Reflection Paper (1 unit)
Graduation - mid-May

28 units are required for the Doctor of Ministry Degree.