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Half Price Audit

People who are active in local church ministry, either as paid staff or as volunteers, may audit one Masters-level course at Palmer Seminary, the Seminary of Eastern University, for half the regular price. 

This half-price audit program is designed to serve area churches and also to allow men and women who are interested in higher theological education to “test the waters” of Palmer Seminary. If after auditing a course you decide to enroll in a degree program, you will be able to take the first course in the program at a 30 percent tuition discount.

Following are some additional relevant details:

  • A letter from a pastor or other church official is sufficient to document that you are active in some form of local church ministry. (This need not be a paid nor a full-time position. Sunday school teachers or small group leaders are welcome!)
  • The current cost of auditing a two-unit course at PTS is $620.  Participants in the half-price audit program pay $310. Auditors will incur minor additional expenses for student IDs and optional purchase of books for the class.
  • This program is open only to those who have not previously taken a course at Palmer or any other seminary. (PTS alums may audit one course per year free of charge.)
  •  An undergraduate degree is preferred, but it is not required.
  • Auditors are not required to write papers or take exams. Their ability to participate in class is determined by the professor. Auditors do not receive academic credit.
  • In most cases, auditors will be able to take the class of their choice. However some classes (including those that are filled to capacity) are not open to auditors.

To enroll in this program, or if you have questions please contact the Registrar’s Office at semregis@eastern.edu or 484-384-2954.