Master of Theological Studies

Online MTS Openseminary Program

Students pursue the Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degree for a variety of reasons, including to prepare for careers in social work, Christian publishing, public policy, or parachurch ministry. Some pursue the MTS for personal enrichment or to become more informed laypersons.

Whereas many other schools typically assign a certain number of credits (usually three) to standard courses, Palmer's "currency" is the unit. Most regular, semester-long courses at Palmer are 2-unit courses. Earning the MTS degree requires the successful completion of at least 32 units.

Courses are divided generally into required core courses and electives, some of which require the completion of prerequisite core courses. Full-time students typically complete the MTS in two years.

Palmer Seminary also offers the Online MTS Openseminary program for students who wish to take online coursework.

MTS students at Palmer have the option (but are not required) to choose one of three concentrations: (1) Biblical Studies and Theology, (2) Christian Faith and Public Policy, and (3) Christian counseling. In addition to coursework, each of these concentrations includes summative requirements such as research papers or internships.

More detailed information on MTS options may be accessed by clicking on one or more of the following:

General Studies
Biblical Studies and Theology
Christian Faith and Public Policy
Christian Counseling