Continuing Ed for Alums

Palmer continues to offer budget-friendly continuing education classes for alums who would like to audit available courses.

The following 3-credit Palmer courses are available to auditors for earning 3 Continuing Education units.


PCEU 660B First Corinthians (Dr. Diane Chen)

January 18 (no class on January 11) to April 26, Tuesdays 3–6 pm, St Davids

Reading First Corinthians should give us pause because all the problems Paul addressed in his letter to this fledgling church are still relevant to the church today. While it is important to delve into the historical-cultural context from which these issues arose, ample class time will be devoted to exploring the hermeneutical implications of the text for personal integrity and discipleship, life and ministry in the community of faith, and bearing authentic witness to the gospel.

PCEU 646 Healing from Trauma (Dr. Mayra Picos Lee)

January 12 to April 27, Wednesdays 7–10 pm, St Davids

What constitutes trauma? What is the impact of trauma on our bodies, minds, souls, and communities? Given the pervasive and systemic nature of violence in our world, could we ever imagine living free of trauma? This course will explore trauma theory and its effects in the lives of people and communities as it relates to a myriad of issues (i.e. war, migration, poverty, gun and family violence, etc.). Throughout the course and the practice of basic skills, participants will identify spiritual, psychological and emotional resources that help us to break away from the endless cycle of violence, and to reclaim our presence in the world in ways that promote God's peace rooted in justice. The course will include and exploration of resources that are available in our Christian tradition and invite us to overcome evil with good (Rom. 12:21) for ourselves and our communities.

PCEU 625A The Least of These: Biblical and Contemporary Responses to Poverty (Dr. Deborah Watson)

January 13 to April 28, Thursdays 3–6 pm, St Davids

This course will investigate the biblical record concerning attitudes and behavior related to needy people, and will offer students multiple opportunities to learn from and interact with people currently engaged in ministry (locally and globally) to those regarded as the least of these. 

PCEU 625B The Church as Community of Compassion (Dr. Tokunbo Adelekan)

January 13 to April 28, Thursdays 7–10 pm, online via Zoom

This class will identify, explore and interrogate strategies by which local faith communities enact moral and aesthetic resources to create cultures of compassion and technologies of concern. The class rests upon the assumption that compassion is a central feature of our discipleship and an inexpungeable dimension of Christian ethics. In a world in which many of our differences are settled in a theatre of violence - military, legal, economic, political, religious or domestic - how does the church serve as a healing agent, as a community of reconciliation? What does a compassionate church look like? What does a compassionate disciple look like?


Palmer alumni will be charged $60 to audit a course for 3 CEUs. This is the same amount an alumnus/alumna currently pays to register for a free audit (up to two per year). Those who are not Palmer alumni are invited to audit these courses as well to earn CEUs, so feel free to spread the word. They will be charged $150 to audit a course for 3 CEUs, and will be registered as Guest Students. 


1. Palmer Alumni and Guest Students, please use the Guest Registration Form. If you are a Palmer alumnus/a, please write that on the Guest Registration Form to ensure proper billing.

2. Submit the completed form directly to:
Eastern University Registrar’s Office
1300 Eagle Road
St. Davids, PA 19087
Phone: 610-341-5853
Fax: 610-341-1707