Eliezer Morales

Campus Ambassador

Eliezer is in his fifth year at Palmer Theological Seminary as a Master of Divinity student in the Pastoral Track. He is a full-time student and works as a student worker assistant for the Dean’s Office at Palmer Theological Seminary Front Desk. Eliezer has served for many years in the Youth Ministry and Christian Education Field in his home country, Puerto Rico.

“Moving to Pennsylvania, US, to do my M. Div. at Palmer represented a leap of faith for me. I knew I was setting myself for a lot of new experiences and challenges. In the process, I have placed my trust on knowing that if God called me to do this, God will stand by my side in every step of the way. At Palmer, I have been affirmed on my calling through its sense of Community, by the support from fellow classmates and faculty. I am still discerning how my life will look like after I end my Seminary studies. In the meantime, I am grateful for the path that the Lord is tracing for me, allowing me to look with faith and hope into my future."