The Palmer Seminary community meets weekly for worship as the seminary, and every Wednesday morning at 10am with the rest of the Eastern University community for Chapel. On Tuesday and Thursday evenings, beginning at 6:05pm and ending by 6:55pm, we meet for Seminary Chapel.

On Tuesday evenings, The Rev. Dr. Bronwyn Yocum and our Methodist friends offer worship in the Wesleyan style (often with Holy Communion), and on Thursday evenings, Dr. Debbie Watson lines up speakers from the Faculty, Staff, Alumni and neighbor pool of Palmer!

If you would like to help with accompaniment, provide special music, or bring a meditation, please let Dr. Watson and Rev. Dr. Yocum know! The heart of life – now and in eternity – is to worship the Lord our God with all that is our lives! 

Chapel Schedule- Spring 2022

January 18 - Covenant Renewal Service

January 25 - Lectio Divina 

January 27 - Christen Blore (Alumni Care Initiative)

February 1 - Rev. Amy Banka (Alumna & Sr. Pastor of Hopewell UMC, Downingtown) 

February 3 - Kevin Pope (Alumnus)

February 8 - Carmen O’Shea (Director of Ponoco Plateau Camp, Eastern PA Annual Conference of the UMC)

February 10 - Shameika Black (M.Div. student)

February 15 - Rev. Marilyn Schneider (Director of the Eastern PA Conference’s prison ministry and deacon serving at Grove UMC)

February 17 -  Eric Hoheisel (Alumnus & Associate Regional Director, American Baptist Churches NJ)

February 22 -  Rev. Karen Bartkowski (Alumna & Associate Pastor of Lima UMC)

February 24 - Dean Kimberlee Johnson (Interim Dean of Palmer Theological Seminary)

March 1 - Reading Week- No Chapel

March 3 - Reading Week - No Chapel

March 8 - Student Assembly

March 10 - Student Assembly

March 15 - President Ron Matthews (President of Eastern University)

March 17 - The Rev. Dr. Reggie Williams (Professor of Christian Ethics, McCormick Theological Seminary)

March 22 - Rev. Evelyn Kent Clark (Alumna, District Superintendent, Eastern PA Conference, UMC)

March 24 - Cynthia Lyman (Faculty, Alumna)

March 29 - Rev. Dan Lebo (Alumnus & Pastor of Gravel Hill UMC)

March 31 - Ray Garcia (Alumnus)

April 5 - Worship Class

April 7 - Yolanda Whidbee (Alumna)

April 12 - Holy Week - No Chapel

April 14 - Easter Week - No Chapel

April 19 - Worship Class

April 21 - Dr. Diane Chen

April 26 - End of year service

April 28 - Lauren Ng (Director of Leadership Empowerment at the American Baptist Home Mission Societies)