The Palmer Seminary community meets weekly for worship as the seminary, and every Wednesday morning at 10am with the rest of the Eastern University community for Chapel. On Tuesday and Thursday evenings, beginning at 6:05pm and ending by 6:55pm, we meet for Seminary Chapel.

On Tuesday evenings, Rev. Johnson Dodla and our Methodist friends offer worship in the Wesleyan style (often with Holy Communion), and on Thursday evenings, Dr. Debbie Watson lines up speakers from the Faculty, Staff, Alumni and neighbor pool of Palmer!

If you would like to help with accompaniment, provide special music, or bring a meditation, please let Dr. Watson and Rev. Dodla know! The heart of life – now and in eternity – is to worship the Lord our God with all that is our lives! 

Chapel & Chew Schedule- Spring 2023

January 10- Rev. Johnson Dodla - Director of UMC Ethos and Advising

January 12- Debbie Watson, Chaplain, Affiliate Professor of NT, NT Greek & Theological Writing

January 17- The Rev. Dr.Leslie Harrison AME Pastor

January 19- Marsha Brown Woodard, Senior Lecturer in Christian Ministries & Director of Supervised Ministries 

January 24- Rev. Greg Impink Pastor at Wayne UMC 

January 26- Chenoa Taylor, Chaplain, Center for Alumni Care and Seminary Engagement

January 31- Karen Bartowski Pastor at Conshohocken UMC

February 2- George Hancock-Stefan Thornley B. Wood Professor of Church History and Missions

February 7- Rev.. Evelyn Kent Clark South District Superintendent of the Eastern PA conference

February 9- Israel Trip Participants

February 14- Rev. Brad Leight Pastor at St. John's Ivyland 

February 16- Corban Addison, Campolo Speaker, Attorney and Author

February 21- Rev. Eric W. Carr, Jr St. Daniel's UMC 

February 23- Israel Trip Participants (Part 2)

February 28- Rev. Zach Hopple Pastor at Christ UMC

March 9- Jonathan Hobbs, Program Director; Lecturer in Youth Ministry; Campolo Center Advisor

March 16- Myron Glick, Campolo Speaker & Physician at The Jericho Road Community Health Center, Buffalo, NY

March 23- Debbie Watson, Chaplain, Affiliate Professor of NT, NT Greek & Theological Writing

March 30- Andy Hale, The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

April 13- Diane Chen, Professor of New Testament

April 20- TBA

April 27- TBA