Febe Liz Zuñiga Montero

Alumni Chaplain

My name is Febe Liz Zuñiga Montero. I am married to pastor Mirko Herbas and have 3 children: Melissa, Lucas and Victoria. We have served together in our local church in different ministries as deacons, Sunday School teachers, teen group pastors, preachers, and leading workshops for both women and youth. We also served as pastors for 2 years in a small church in the suburbs of our city, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. 

I grew up in a Christian family, my father is also a pastor, so all my life I’ve seen my father preaching, praying, teaching, and accomplishing his purpose to help others. Since a young age, my father has shown me how to be in service to the Lord’s ministry.  The example of my father and my mother led me to take the same path of service with a special passion to teach. I consider myself as a teacher.  Currently I am working as a preschool teacher in a bilingual school.  Although this was an unexpected situation, I saw it as a blessing and as God guiding me to an area that would take me out of my comfort zone and prepare me for my future endeavors. 

Everything, which God showed and did to me was unexpected, but it shaped my character. Studying in Palmer Seminary’s Latinx degree program with the Bolivia Cohort was also a great surprise.  I graduated in 2020 with a Master’s in Theological Studies.  The Palmer experience has helped me to grow and to understand my calling; it provided resources to serve and honor God and to care for people more fully. I could not be happier or more grateful to our Lord for the opportunity to now serve others, here, at this blessed community of Palmer Seminary.  I continually pray that He will order my steps so I can walk on the straight and narrow path that He has prepared for me.  I have learnt from good and bad experiences to say as did the psalmist, “…You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing.” Psalm 16:2  He is all I want, He is all I need.