Each academic year, Palmer Seminary awards a number of Sider Scholarships. Sider Scholarships cover half the cost of tuition at Palmer. The scholarship is awarded on a yearly basis and is renewable by mutual agreement between scholars and The Sider Center, as long as she or he is enrolled part-time, maintains a 3.3 GPA, and continues to meet the criteria for acceptance described below.

About the Scholarship

The Sider Scholarship may be applied toward any of the Seminary's masters degree programs.

The Sider Scholarship is named for Palmer professor and world renowned evangelical social activist Ron Sider, who founded Evangelicals for Social Action in the 1970s.

Evangelicals for Social Action (ESA) is now the primary arm of the Seminary's Sider Center on Ministry and Public Policy, and carries out its work through programs such as the Racial Justice Institute, Oriented to Love, CreatureKind, and New Copernican Conversations.

Sider Scholars will give 8-10 hours a week during the school year to supporting the activities of ESA and Dr. Ron Sider. Through their association with ESA, these scholars will gain valuable experience in research, writing, and networking in holistic ministry and public policy, as well as a greater understanding of how to merge scholarship with popular writing and organizing for social action. In addition, Sider Scholars will receive mentoring opportunities with Dr. Ron Sider and the staff of the ESA.


Academic Criteria

A minimum of a "B+" (3.3) average for the most recent earned degree.

Program Criteria
  1. For full-time students: able to provide 8-10 hours a week of support to the Sider Center, or 120 hours total in a semester.
  2. For part-time students: able to provide 4-6 hours a week of support to the Sider Center, or 60 hours total in a semester.
Personality Criteria
  1. Is known to be a person of integrity.
  2. Demonstrates emotional maturity; has a clear sense of self in relation with others.
  3. Is growing as a disciple of Christ.
  4. Shows evidence of commitment to the embodiment of the Gospel's call for justice and compassion.
Community Criteria
  1. Shows concern for others, in speech and action.
  2. Evidences commitment to personal, spiritual, and emotional growth in the context of the university community (campus life, chapel, small groups).
  3. Has been actively engaged in the life of a local church community.

To Apply

Those applying for a Sider Scholarship must complete the regular application process for admission to the Seminary.

Apply for the Sider Scholarship

Application Deadline/Notification Timetable: To receive highest consideration, all admissions and scholarship-related materials should arrive at Palmer's Admissions Office by August 1. If slots remain open, the Seminary will continue to consider Scholarship applications through the Spring semester acceptance period.