David Applegate

Campus Ambassador

This is Dave’s third year at Palmer Theological Seminary as a part-time Master of Divinity student. Dave is a full-time husband, full-time father of 2 (and one on the way), and works retail house paint full-time. He has experience in many denominations across the Church and is currently an involved member of Frazer Mennonite Church where he has served on the Leadership Discernment Team, the Church Board, and is currently filling the role as Cemetary Manager. In past lives, Dave was a recording singer/songwriter, youth pastor, and led worship music.

As Campus Ambassador, Dave is responsible for representing the needs and concerns of the student body to the Student Assembly. Dave is also available to show you where to find things on campus and answer any questions about student life on campus. Anything you’d like to have in the lounge? Let Dave know. Any deeper questions, Dave is game. He wants to make you feel welcome and heard and provide some food for thought.