Kevin R. Pope

CARES Assistant

Rev. Kevin R. Pope, a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was born and raised in Germantown.  He was educated in the Philadelphia Public School system and studied Engineering Science at Community College of Philadelphia and Drexel University.  He is a much sought-after consultant in the field of Architectural, Civil and Environmental Due Diligence Engineering .  As a result of his expertise, has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada.

Kevin answered the call to preach and teach the word of God in February 2013 and was licensed to preach in September 2013.  His formal seminary studies began at the Eastern School of Christian Ministry (ESCM) at Palmer Theological Seminary, receiving a Diploma in Biblical Studies from ESCM in May 2016.  Kevin subsequently matriculated into Palmer’s Master of Divinity program, receiving his MDiv in May 2020. 

Kevin, his wife of 21 years, and their family reside in Montgomery County Pennsylvania.  He was ordained as a minister in February 2019 and serves as an Associate Minister at the Calvary Baptist Church in Southwest Philadelphia.  Kevin is excited to see where the Lord will lead him and his family in ministry.

“My desires and hopes for working with the CARES team are consistent with CARES’ ministry objectives; to connect and care.  I developed many connections with fellow seminarians, as well as faculty and staff, during my time at ESCM and Palmer.  These connections not only provided opportunities for learning and theological engagement but also for caring through listening, sharing in common purpose, and participating in mutual intercessory prayer.  My desires and hopes are to further develop and/or rekindle those relationships, as well as to build new relationships with current seminarians and the ESCM/Palmer alumni at large, and to care through encouragement and spiritual support."