New Book Launch from Palmer Seminary Professor Wynand J. de Kock on Theology in the Face of Uncertainty

St. Davids, PA: Palmer Seminary is excited to announce the book launch of esteemed Professor of Practical Theology and Director of Openseminary, Wynand J. de Kock. 

The book, On Being in the Middle: Doing Theology in the Face of Uncertainty, was published in April 2024. Dr. W.J. de Kock, originally from South Africa, teaches and directs the online Master of Practical Theology, online Master of Divinity, and online PhD in Professional Practice programs at Eastern University’s Palmer Seminary and College. 

On Being in the Middle discusses the lack of middle ground in our world, noting the political divide between the left and the right and the isolation and confusion that those who are in the middle often feel. The book acknowledges that in reality, life is all about the concept of being in the middle - the middle of birth and death, between events, between stability and change, and more. It shines light on the existential questions we face as we navigate life, and the way in which theology attempts to answer these questions. Dr. de Kock encourages readers that God is with us in the middle, between the known and the unknown. 

When living in South Africa, Dr. de Kock served for twelve years as Dean at Cornerstone Christian College and Pastor of Bethany Fellowship and Common Ground in Cape Town, and Common Ground Church, and Liquid Church in Australia. Later, he served as Principal at Tabor College in Victoria, Australia and has also taught at Berea Theological College, Chaldo Bible Institute, University of the Western Cape, Church of God Theological Seminary, University of Pretoria, University of Stellenbosch, and Cornerstone Christian College. In addition to his role at Eastern University, he currently works with indigenous Australians and with local churches in Australia. 

“In the midst of political polarization and societal division, theology offers a path of integration and understanding,” says Dr. de Kock. “By starting with sacred questions rather than predetermined answers, we embark on a journey of discovery where God's presence permeates every aspect of our lives, guiding us to live wisely in a fractured world.”

Eastern University and Palmer Seminary are proud to have such prominent talent and wisdom teaching its programs. Students have access to a wealth of knowledge and resources through professors like Dr. de Kock to inspire and prepare students to lead lives of impact.

Professor de Kock has many additional publications related to theology and faith. Order a copy of his new book

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