Palmer Faculty Visit Faith and Liberty Discovery Center Before Official Opening

Early this month was the grand opening of the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center (FLDC in Philadelphia. A select number of our faculty enjoyed exploring the center before its official opening, including Rev. Dr. Marsha Brown-Woodard (pictured). The Center, located in the historically rich heart of Philadelphia at Independence Mall, will "provide a different lens for people to think about our country" shared Rev. Dr. Marsha Brown-Woodard, Palmer's Senior Lecturer in Christian Ministries & Director of Supervised Ministries and an advisor for the Center. 

The Center describes the FLDC as "a place for inspiration, engagement, and personal discovery", centering its focus on the interconnectedness of faith and the foundation of this country. Dr. Brown-Woodard believes that this center will help us to "discover how the scriptures helped to shape our country," making us a "better" people. 

The center is now open for the general public.  Explore the center's website.