The Foundation for Our Hope

Time is filled with swift transition / None on earth unmoved can stand
Build your hopes on things eternal / Hold to God’s unchanging hand.

As we enter the new year, the words of this wonderful old hymn have taken on a new meaning for me. My mind whirls when I reflect on all the transitions we have experienced over the past twelve months: personally, professionally, politically, and of course, the devastating impact of the pandemic. Time has both moved swiftly and yet seemed to stand still—all at the same time!

And we have been “moved.” So much of what many of us may have counted on or taken for granted has shifted. We have had to navigate uncertainty and loss and the reordering of our lives in ways we could never have anticipated. These things have moved us.  But there have been other things that have moved us as well. We have celebrated new life and new opportunities—even as we mourned death and devastation. We have shifted to virtual spaces and digital platforms and learned new ways of nurturing human connection. We have found ways to persevere that have reminded us not only of our resilience but also of our reliance on God, and the ways that God has kept us. It is this reliance that provides the foundation of our hope. And it is this hope that we carry into a new year—firmly holding on to the hand of the One who continues to firmly hold on to us.

May you feel the loving hand of God holding you close as you journey into the new year. Blessings and peace...

Rev. Dr.Blocker Phaedra D. Blocker has a passion for empowering individuals and organizations (particularly clergy and churches) to move toward wholeness and actualize their potential. She currently serves as Affiliate Professor in Leadership & Formation and Assistant Director of Openseminary at Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University.