What Peace Are You Missing?

True peace, the kind that satisfies our souls, can only be found when we seek after the One who gives it freely.

Shalom: Most visible the moment every good thing was created8 and God’s ultimate satisfaction in His creation yielded rest on the 7th day.9  Nothing more to be added or taken away.  Shalom on the cosmic level is quite remarkable.  On a personal level, God shares this reality of where we can find this peace10, it’s “not merely referring to the absence of trouble or conflict, but positively of completeness, wholeness, contentment, welfare, health, prosperity, harmony, and fulfillment...”11 

Again, not absent of trouble or conflict, God tells us that His peace is magnified in times like these.  Peace is in reach.

God has always been in pursuit of His creation, especially humankind.12  So, we look to Jesus to always bring us back to the center of God’s heart, peacefully resting with our Creator. Sure, we were created in God’s image so we also create and work, but work and rest must exist in a healthy balance as we learn to honor the image we bear.

Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you.”13

The peace that Jesus offers is the same Shalom that God rests in.  This peace is counterintuitive to the way of the land, but it is the wholeness we need.

I pray we find true peace, rest that leaves room for the Holy Spirit to draw us closer in our relationship with Jesus.

Shalom to you.

About the Author

KorachMerrick Korach, MTS ’18, co-authored Heavensville in 2019. Dr. Ron Sider praises the book as an “excellent practical guide for holistic urban ministry.” Merrick currently works at an organization with a vision to see neighbors loved, community restored, and hope renewed (in a part of his hometown that has been marginalized for decades). Merrick and his wife Tiera live in Evansville, Indiana with their beautiful daughter Evelyn.

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