Entry Requirements

  • BA or equivalency
  • Twelve months of ministry experience

ENTRY TERMS: March and August

Application Deadlines: Three weeks before start of term

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How To Apply

  • Application: Completed and signed at eastern.edu/apply
  • Resume/CV
  • Two Recommendations: Pastoral and Personal. Please have your recommenders complete the Recommendation Form on your behalf.
  • Personal Statement:
    In 4 to 8 double-spaced, typed pages, please exhibit your best writing and thinking skills by developing an essay that responds to the following:
    1. What persons, events, and other factors have significantly influenced your Christian journey thus far?
    2. Describe the significant motives, convictions, persons and/or experiences that have led you to pursue a theological education.
    3. Describe your ministry up to this point in your life. What forms do you expect your ministry to take in the future (such as pastor, teacher, counselor, minister of Christian education)? What do you hope to accomplish in this ministry?
    4. Evaluate the abilities you possess for theological studies, including past academic coursework, and how they will be used in your intended ministry.
    5. How do you see yourself in relation to others? Besides your family, with whom do you spend time?
    6. What would your trusted friends say are the greatest strengths and most challenging weaknesses in your personality?
    7. When you are not in church, at work or in school, how do you spend your free time? How often do you get to enjoy these activities?
    8. If you are accepted at Palmer, what areas of needed growth do you hope will be developed by your experience with us? Also, what areas of strength do you believe Palmer Seminary can help you develop?
  • Official Transcripts:
    How to Request a Transcript: View FAQs about requesting a transcript from your previous schools.
  • Minimum Undergraduate GPA of 2.5 required. Applicants with an undergraduate GPA below 2.5 will be considered on a case by case basis and must submit a GPA letter. A graduate GPA over 3.0 can also satisfy the minimum GPA requirement.

Please submit all application requirements via mail, email, or fax:
Palmer Theological Seminary
Graduate and Professional Studies Admissions
1300 Eagle Rd.
St. Davids, PA 19087
Email: admissions.file@eastern.edu
Fax: 610-225-5601